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The bestest, coolest peeps in the land

World  Cleanup Day / South Africa is a network of community and grass-root organisations.

We assist our partners by promoting their work and helping them find sponsors and volunteers.

Community Partners
These are the certified rock stars of World Cleanup Day / South Africa
They clean up beaches, parks, rivers and neighbourhoods - the whole year through!

MRCT Logo 2022.png
hoam logo.jpg
All Spruits Logo 2023.png
NPC 202175552508.jpg
Hennops Revival Logo_Original.jpg
Clean City SA logo.jpg
Imvelo Yetu Logo-pdf.png
litterboom project logo.jfif
City-Zen logo.jpeg
African Marine Waste Network SST-AMWN_blue-logo-1024x433.jpg
Rotary - End Plastic Soup.png
Clean-up and Recycle logo_210mm_rgb.jpg

We're so grateful to these amazing companies and organisations who support our campaign!

Corporate Partners

eWASA logo_100mmW_2022.jpg
Thursdays Logo Long.jpg
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